Christ Fellowship Worship

What Is Worship?

The word “worship” literally means “worth-ship.” Worship is our acknowledgement and ascription of worthiness, and God has called His people to ascribe Him proper worth. So what is true, biblical worship?

True worship is a biblical response to God resulting from an understanding of biblical truth about God. God initiates all worship as He reveals Himself and His truth to us, and worship is our obedient response to that revelation. “Worship” is not to be confused or synonymous with “music.” Though music is a form and medium of worship, all worship is not music, and all music is not worship. Worship is simply love of God and God alone, expressed as obedience in faith both internally and externally.

The Bible shows us that worship is the eternal purpose of all mankind, and that it is to be done in spirit and in truth (John 4). Because of Jesus Christ, worship is no longer bound to places and rituals of the flesh, but is to be a spiritual act of the heart, based in and focused on Christ-centered truth found in God’s Word. We can only worship rightly if we know the Father, through the gospel of the Son, by the power of the Spirit, and that worship is expressed not only in the songs of weekly worship services, but in a lifestyle of obedience that ascribes worth rightly to the only One worthy.


Christ Fellowship Worship Values

At Christ Fellowship we have five main values when it comes our worship and our worship experiences, based on the worship we see in Scripture in Revelation 4 and 5. These five values are what we use to evaluate the biblical nature of our worship experiences, and what we believe every worship gathering should look like. In every aspect of our ministry, we value to be:

Christ-Centered - Revelation 5:6
In the book of Revelation, Jesus is the centerpiece of the worship service; in the same way, we make Christ the center of our entire worship gathering. From the songs we select and sing to a weekly explanation of the gospel, everything we do in worship points to Jesus Christ.

Engaging - Revelation 5:13
In this ultimate worship gathering, every creature in and heaven, on earth, and even under the earth is engaged in singing and praising God together. Just as we’ll join together in the end as part of that group and worship together, we encourage congregational singing and unified participation within each of our weekly worship gatherings. We teach the songs we sing to the congregation and we select songs that aim to engage the body, soul, and spirit.

Multiethnic - Revelation 5:9-10
Because of the gospel, every tribe, nation, and people now has the opportunity to worship God—to be part of His chosen people. We want our worship services to reflect God’s heart for the nations and for diversity, especially as we minister in the diverse community of Miami, so our stages and our people will be ethnically diverse, and our song selection incorporates different ethnic influences.

Multigenerational - Revelation 5:9
Revelation 5 includes not only those of different race and ethnicity, but people of all ages within them as young and old worship together. As a worship ministry, we want to lead people of every age to be contributors rather than consumers; therefore our worship services aren’t meant to accommodate a particular style, but simply to worship Christ, edify the Church, and bring glory to the Father. At the same time, we do want to help people connect to God regardless of their age, and we understand that there will always be a tension to manage. To do that, our services include both new, modern songs and styles, as well as traditional hymns and liturgy.

Beautiful - Revelation 4:2-6
Art and beauty are an integral part of the worship experience at the throne of heaven, so aesthetics are an important part of worship for us as well. As a worship ministry we pursue excellence; leverage creativity, art, production, and design; and strive to make the worship environment aesthetically pleasing. This is not to impress or appeal to any person, but because God Himself is the creator and the standard of beauty, and because beautiful, excellent elements in worship point people to the beauty of Christ.

Each one of our worship gatherings is evaluated on these five values, as every worship experience seeks to be Christ-centered, engaging, multiethnic, multigenerational, and beautiful. By doing this we take the focus off of ourselves, place it on Christ, and move closer toward the picture of eternal worship that we see in heaven in the book of Revelation.  


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