What’s the story behind the new North Miami campus?
Three years ago, Christ Fellowship planted Christ Centered Church in North Miami, and since that time, the church has grown into a healthy congregation of over 200 with a heart to reach the city of Miami. Through ongoing relationships with Christ Fellowship staff and leaders, the leadership of both churches saw a great opportunity to advance the Kingdom of God in North Miami-Dade County by bringing Christ Centered Church on board with Christ Fellowship as CF North Miami.

What are the benefits of this? 
By launching Christ Fellowship North Miami, we are investing time, energy, and resources to advance the gospel in the northern region of Miami-Dade County. This also increases our ministry footprint, which now starts in south Miami-Dade County with our Redland campus and stretches north to within a few miles of the northern border of Miami-Dade County.  By launching the North Miami campus, we will be better equipped to start more campuses in the northern half of the county.

Who will lead our campus? 
Our campus pastor will be Derek Allen, who was the pastor of Christ Centered Church, and the staff and leadership team of Christ Centered Church will become the staff and leadership team of CF North Miami.

What will the worship services be like? 
Like all Christ Fellowship campuses, our worship gatherings are meaningful, creative and spiritually engaging. Each weekend gathering kicks off with a time of live worship music - which is often a blend of live energetic rock and soul that has our guests standing. People tell us all the time that we are blessed with an amazing worship team – we agree. Then, our Pastor shares a biblically-centered message that's always honest and challenging, empowering you to apply Jesus' words to your daily life. We like to end our teaching time with a few minutes of prayer. Then, we wrap up the experience with a few closing announcements and an opportunity to give back to God.  

What’s the timeline for the launch of CF North Miami?
Our grand opening is October 22nd, and during the weeks leading up to that, we will host events to get to know each other and build a sense of community and shared vision.

What are my next steps?
If you are willing to join us as we advance the Kingdom of God in North Miami, make plans to attend our preview service on October 15th and our grand opening on October 22nd. You can also sign up for Launch Team, which is a group of people willing to do whatever it takes to make the launch of CF North Miami as successful as possible, by clicking here. We encourage you to invite people to our campus, start giving through CF North Miami, serve in a ministry area, and most of all, pray that God will work through us to reach the city of Miami.



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