Giving is an outward expression of believing that God has given you all that you have, that He will provide for your needs, and that he wants to bless you and lead you into a closer walk with Him.

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Throughout scripture, we are reminded of the importance of giving back a portion of what God has so generously provided and we should do so with joy. “Everything in the heavens and earth is yours, O Lord…” 1 Chronicles 29:11-12

As we journey together towards becoming fully devoted followers of Christ, we invite you to give regularly and proportionately to see lives transformed in Miami and around the world.

Interested in Giving Online? It’s a simple, safe and secure way to give. You can even set up a recurring gift.  Setting it up is a great way to give consistently, and it's easy to change as needed. Then, click the button below to start giving online.

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Our Opportunity

Miami has been called “second most lost city in America”. It is a very transient city made of up people for more than 80 countries.  Our desire is to spread our reach to the countries our people come from. We are uniquely situation to touch the lives of the entire world through our campuses!  

We want to invite you to be a part of what God is going to do at Christ Fellowship in the future. Each person’s commitment will look different, as God speaks to all of us individually. By taking this step of faith, you get to be a part of an incredible story!

There are many ways to give.

Christ Fellowship engages an independent certified public accounting firm to perform an annual audit. Anyone can request a copy of our most recent audited financials or ask questions concerning giving or financial practices by contacting our business office at