Caring For Miami

Volunteering with Caring For Miami

Thank you for your interest in serving with the Caring For Miami Mobile Health Unit. Caring For Miami is a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for families in need through serving their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

The mission of the Mobile Health Unit “Project Smile” is to reach more people for Christ by giving special attention to their health needs. Our vision is for a city where every family in need is cared for body, mind, & spirit.

The mobile health unit partners with various agencies and local churches to provide free dental and basic medical health screenings to uninsured and low income families living in Miami Dade County.


Ways to Volunteer

There are many opportunities available for you to serve with CFM. We encourage you join us at our next weekend outreach and test drive our many volunteer positions.


For Licensed Dental/Medical Professionals

If you are a ​licensed​ health care professional and would like to volunteer with Caring For Miami, then we invite you to join us by taking the first step. Caring for Miami cooperates with the Florida Department of Health in providing sovereign immunity for all licensed volunteer health care providers through the Volunteer Health Care Provider Program. Sovereign immunity protects Caring for Miami and all contracted health care professionals from lawsuits, since the state of Florida assumes responsibility for any liability. To receive this immunity, certain guidelines and processes must be followed as outlined by the Volunteer Health Care Provider Program. Most of these guidelines deal with the screening of patients, both for income and need. Only patients who fall at or below the 200 percent poverty level are treated on the unit.

As a licensed health care provider you are required to complete a contract with the Florida Department of Health. If you are interested in serving as a health care provider please contact the mobile health coordinator, Ashley Kennedy, at​ (Note: VCHPP Policy on Contracting EMTs: From the Bureau Chief for EMS, in the State of Florida, EMT's and paramedics can not volunteer their services in the 766 Volunteer Program.)


Additional Volunteer Opportunities


Certified Department of Health Eligibility Worker

As an official "Department of Health Volunteer", you will be able to help qualify patients to receive services provided by the Caring For Miami Health Care Team. In order to qualify as a DOH Volunteer, you must be at least 18 years old and attend an eligibility worker training hosted by Caring for Miami at Christ Fellowship Palmetto Bay Campus.

If you're interested in becoming an eligibility volunteer, please contact the mobile health coordinator, Ashley Kennedy, at to learn more about our next training.



If you are a certified CDL Class B driver then Caring for Miami has an important role for you! We are always in need of backup drivers and volunteers looking to serve their time to ensure the safe transportation of our mobile unit to and from partner sites. Caring for Miami utilizes a 40’ refurbished school bus as a dental clinic on wheels!


Patient Runner

As a patient runner, you will be helping to ensure that the process of moving patients from intake to medical/dental services goes smoothly. There's a lot that happens at a Mobile Health Unit event and we need volunteers who can assist patients in navigating through each area. Serving as a patient runner is a great opportunity to start conversation and engage one on one with patients who may be going through a hard time or are nervous about seeing the dentist.


Prayer Team

Do you have a heart for sharing the Gospel and providing a Christian witness? Are you spiritually gifted in prayer and desire praying for others? One of the main purposes of the Mobile Health Unit is to reach more people for Christ by giving special attention to their health needs. The focus of a Mobile Unit Event should be on meeting the needs of the individual - dental as well as spiritual. Every community outreach is an opportunity for personal witnessing, for opening doors to share Christ’s love and salvation. Offering friendship, understanding and assistance will create witnessing opportunities. Should you feel led you will be able to give verbal witness as you provide the help to those in such great need.


Event Planning & Logistics

If you would like to learn more about assisting behind the scenes with our core team in preparing for events and ensuring the the event flows smoothly from beginning to end please email