I recently met a man named TB through CF Online from South Africa.

TB grew up in the church, and came from a strong Christian family. But over the years TB and his brother began to question their belief in God. TB said the theory of evolution started to create doubt in his mind. As well, TB's brother became more of an agnostic, struggling with the deity of who Jesus Christ is. Through YouTube, TB stumbled across I Wish I Knew What To Believe and he started watching the series.

"This series got me back on track," TB said, and recently has shared the series with his brother to work through his own struggles.

I don't know if you remember the I Wish I Knew What To Believe sermon series, but Pastor Rick basically addresses three questions that we as people struggle with:

>> Is there really a God?

>> How do I know that this God is the one, true God?

>> Does God really care about me?

Most of us, at some point have struggled with questions like this. Through I Wish I Knew What To Believe, Pastor Rick does an excellent job of answering these questions using biblical truth as well as academic principles to show us that we do not need to ask these questions. Faith is necessary, but it's not blind faith. Our faith is grounded in truth. Those doubts and questions that you struggle with have answers. My prayer for you is that this series will answer questions in your life, and maybe answer questions in the lives of those in your circle of influence. 

Every once in a while I like to open up the CF Sermon Archives on my Apple TV and dig back into the biblical bombshells that Rick has dropped over the years. I don't know if you realize this, but there's a ton of really good stuff online from Pastor Rick. Truthfully, watching old sermon series lately has convicted me of all the things I've forgotten from Rick.

If you are struggling with what to believe, I Wish I Knew What To Believe is a great start to resolving your questions. Or, maybe you know someone who is questioning, and like TB, you can share this series with those questioning. Whatever the case, there's a wealth of life-changing information packed in this sermon series that can help impact people. Take advantage of it.

You can find I Wish I Knew What To Believe on the Christ Fellowship Website, but also through our mobile and TV apps (Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire).

Jeff Reed is the Online Pastor of Christ Fellowship. Jeff has many passions, ranging from family, to technology, to discipleship, to a rather unhealthy obsession with Star Wars. Hit him up to learn how the Online Campus is building fully devoted followers of Christ across the country and around the world at cfonline@cfmiami.org